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MCW is renowned for not only offering competitive commissions but also for delivering value to our Affiliates.
You can earn up to 50% commission from MCW Affiliate Programme.
The more real money players & revenue you generate, the more you will earn.


5 to 9 AND $1 – $5,000 EARN 30%
10 to 14 AND $5,001 -$10,000 EARN 40%
15 to 19 AND $10,001 – $20,000 EARN 45%
>20 AND > $20,001 EARN 50%


Bonus = Promotion Bonus + VIP Cash Bonus
AFFILIATE A 5,000 5 900 500 30% 1,080
AFFILIATE B 10,000 10 1800 1,000 40% 2,880
AFFILIATE C 15,000 15 2700 1,500 45% 4,860
AFFILIATE D -20,000 15 - - -  
AFFILIATE E 20,000 15 3600 2,000 45% 6,480
AFFILIATE F 50,000 20 9000 3,000 50% 23,500
General Rules

1. Affiliate commission ranges from 30% to 50%, depending on your monthly active players and their net losses.
2. Commission is calculated on a monthly basis.
3. You need a minimum of 5 deposited and active players each month in order to start qualifying for commission calculation. Less than 5 active players, no commission will be counted.
4. 18% of the player’s profit&loss will be deducted as operation and admin cost.
5. The profit and losses from P2P games (Ludo and BPoker) are excluded from commission calculation.
6. Apart from the number of the active players mentioned in the above table that the affiliate must meet, you should also ensure that every player you have referred is a genuine active player in MCW. MCW has set a series of standards to audit the quality of every player. If you fail in meeting the standards, your commission will not be paid out.
7. If you fail to continuously promote the Site by having no new signups and/or removal of MCW banners in your affiliate site, this will be deemed as a breach of contract and will automatically lead to termination of this Agreement and any further claims on future revenue share are deemed waived.
8. Deduction of the payments. If your players are involved in collusion or any other fraudulent issues, the manager of MCW Affiliate Program has the right to deduct from your revenue share the withheld funds or remove the player’s account from your recorded referred players.
9. For Payment, we will pay your commission by the middle of each month.
9.1 If the account is in the negative (i.e. customer winnings exceed customer loss), the negative amount will be carried over into the following month(s). Revenue Share will be based on our calculation, based on our statistics. Negative commission balances will be deducted from available commissions.
9.2 All amounts you earn under the Agreement are exclusive of all charges, taxes (including Value Added Tax, where applicable), duties, fees, excises or tariffs. Such charges, taxes, duties, fees, excises or tariffs shall be for your account at the rate prevailing at the time the revenue share is paid. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall be solely and primarily responsible for any taxes imposed on the revenue share by the tax authority in the jurisdiction in which you are domiciled for income tax purposes, but in the event that MCW is required to withhold any tax payable by and imposed on you by a tax authority in any jurisdiction where MCW operates from or in, you shall be solely responsible for the payment of such tax and you shall not be entitled to recover any such tax from MCW.

* Other Terms and Conditions Apply.

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